It's hard to believe that 10 years have passed since the first inception of Amelia began to be heard by the universe. A brilliant but bittersweet 10 years that began in 2002 when Teisha and Scott first met and began playing duo gigs and recording songs on a 4-track. Scott had just come from a successful sprint with the Flatirons and Teisha had been playing with her uncle's in the band Say Uncle. It wasn't long after they met and began playing together that they brought in Scott's bandmates Jesse Emerson and Richard Cuellar. They recorded their first album Somewhere left to fall in 2003.

In 2004, they released After All as fans sprung up all over the globe. In 2005, Amelia released a live recording called "Por Avion" and in 2006 drummer Richard left the band. For a brief time, Amelia brought on two additional players (Michael Papillo and Stevie Moretti) and in this formation, toured up and down the West Coast. In 2006, Amelia contributed a song to the Elliott Smith tribute album "To: Elliott From: Portland" and continued playing as a trio until 2008 when they released A Long, Lovely List of Repairs (engineered and produced by Mark Orton of Tin Hat).


In the Spring of 2007, Teisha had a bone marrow transplant and spent the next several years beating back the CLL that she'd been diagnosed with in 2003.

Although Teisha continued to sing as often as time and health would allow, Amelia became more of a side project for its members.

In September of 2011, Teisha passed away from CLL and Scott, Jesse and Richard honored her by playing for a packed house at her memorial.

Amelia touched thousands of people's lives over the years, and continue to be heard on the radio and in cafe's up and down the coast. In honor of Teisha's great talent, both as a singer and a song writer, a compilation CD is to be released this fall (2012). 16 songs that were in various states of completion -- from fully formed lyrics with chords to snippets of a melody line sung into her IPhone -- were the inspiration of the following artists who generously donated their time and talent: Matt Brown and Michael Jodell, Rachel Taylor Brown, Jim Brunberg, Mike Coykendall, James Lowe, Wendy Pate, Aaron Walker, Susannah Weaver, Courtenay Haimester, David Helgerson & Jon Helgerson, Ezra Holbrook, Mark & Megan Orton, Stephanie Schneiderman and Tony Furtado